Due to the ever-changing needs of our clients, Trans-50 regularly conducts research into matters affecting older persons.

In the aim of realising our vision of becoming the leader in aged care, it is of great importance to determine the ever changing needs of our clients.  Although a lot of what we do in our daily lives, is based on our experience, observations and what we have learnt, this may not always be the best approach.

Trans-50 acknowledges the fact that each client is unique and in order for us to cater for these specific needs in an ever changing environment, research is fundamental to our success.

Through this process we allow residents to voice their opinions and changing needs.  We can then plan, adapt and change our strategy moving forward.

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The story of how recently retired men view or anticipate their journey through retirement begins with emphasis on the role that work plays in the lives of men and how being retired can or will influence social, family and marital relationships through the way in which time is spent and where one lives. 

"While principles of good practice are clear - there is no single right way to design and manage a care home for people with dementia.  Decisions about design, the model of service and economic viability needs to be considered in tandem" (Cantly & Wilson)