Services & Facilities

Anyone over the age of 50 qualifies to reside in a Trans-50 village.

Our services and facilities are geared for totally independent residential living, assisted living through home care and frail care.

All Trans-50 villages are managed by qualified and experienced managers, who lead a team of experts in their job function. In this, the managers are ably supported and assisted by a management committee, elected by the residents of each village.

Our employees participate in in-house training and ongoing development programmes to ensure that their skills are honed to perfection. Our residents can attest to our emphasis on integrity and world class customer service.

We strive to make each resident's stay exceptional. For this reason, all our programmes are designed in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary team under the guidance of experts in gerontology. Residents are free to choose if they wish to participate in our life enrichment programmes and consultative processes.

The services we offer include:

Qualified professional nursing staff are on duty 24 hours per day to assist with activities of daily living and health services such as monitoring of blood pressure or blood glucose levels.

We offer home care for those who need some degree of assisted living but who prefer the comfort of their own cottage or flat.

With the exception of Jakaranda Park, each Trans-50 village offers an exceptional frail care facility, equipped to cater for both physically and mentally frail residents, in a caring environment with individually designed care and stimulation programmes.

Our catering facility offers three, nutritionally balanced meals per day, served either in the dining room or in your own cottage or flat. Residents are welcome to order meals on an ad hoc basis, to suit their lifestyle.

Each village has controlled access and around-the-clock security, performed by trained guards.

A major benefit of buying into a Trans-50 village is that we retain the responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of all communal buildings, as well as the exterior of your home. We also tend the gardens to provide year-round pleasure to our residents, employees and visitors.

The wellness programmes are aimed at encouraging the principle of active ageing and to encourage independence for as long as possible - allowing the resident to age with dignity.  Our care and lifestyle programmes are aimed at creating an active lifestyle for the older adult.

The lifestyle programme strives to create an environment where residents can experience a sense of purpose by active involvement and contribution of their knowledge and skills - creating a life worth living for themselves and others.

We help to take the risk and confusion out of medication administration. Where necessary, our professional staff will assist the resident with the taking of medication or to manage the administration thereof.

Each community has a range of social groups to participate in and the monthly 'Events & Activities Calendar'  will keep your diary filled with fun.

We offer a range of sporting activities such as: Bowling, Jukskei, Darts and Snooker, Yoga, Gym Trim, Line dancing etc.

Church services from various denominations are held at the villages.Each village has a lifestyle programme indicating the dates of church services for various denominations.  We encourage residents to attend to their religious and spiritual well-being just as they would, their physical well-being.

Each village offers convenient transportation to and from local shopping complexes and local doctors' consulting rooms.

Residents and employees of all the villages contribute to a newsletter which is published  by Trans-50, and distributed to every village.

For the convenience of our residents, we offer the following on site: a village mini-market or tuck shop, laundry facilities, a well-stocked library and hairdressing salon  

Contact us if you require any additional information or guidance.