The story of how recently retired men view or anticipate their journey through retirement begins with emphasis on the role that work plays in the lives of men and how being retired can or will influence social, family and marital relationships through the way in which time is spent and where one lives.

The following was identified as crucial aspects to consider when retiring:


Meaningful engagement
Continuing with work after retirement gives one a sense of existence where your skills are still useful and your opinion still counts.

 “The older you grow, the more important people become”.  Being retired brings along a change in most relationships.  It is necessary to adapt to a new role.  Communication with your spouse with regards to the new roles will help men to adapt and feel useful at home. Grandchildren are seen by all as a delight and a blessing and they experience it as fun to spend more time with them in retirement.

Personal finances is seen as the main responsibility of the men. They shared their concerns regarding the provisions made for retirement and whether or not this will be enough to pay for all their expenses such as medical, housing and care.

Most participants would like to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. They verbalised that they would not like to stay in an environment where there are too many rules. They also realise that one shouldn’t wait too long before making the decision to relocate as this becomes more difficult as one ages.

Constructive time management
Participants agreed that one must spend your time in a constructive way by possibly getting involved in community service, recreation, part time work and also building relationships.

Participants regard good health as very important in order to be able to enjoy retirement.

Participant’s view of a retirement village
The men would look for competent management, good security, affordability, acceptable standards, spacious accommodation and a village that has assisted living for those who may need some form of assistance. It is however, not necessary to have a one-stop-shop facility, as they believe that one needs to maintain contact with the outside world.