Trans-50 is an independent, non-profit, Section 21 company, which owns and manages

Residential villages for the over-50's.

The lifestyle programme strives to create an environment where residents can experience a sense of purpose by active involvement and contribution of their knowledge and skills

creating a life worth living.

Every village in the Trans-50 portfolio offers it residents independent living which is like living in a security complex with benefits like Frail care and other added services.

Independent Living

Trans-50 is an independent, non-profit, Section 21 company, which owns and manages

Residential villages for the over-50's.

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The lifestyle programme strives to create an environment where residents can experience a sense of purpose by active involvement and contribution of their knowledge and skills

creating a life worth living.

Trans-50 offers

frail care and assisted living


Why do you sell your accommodation on a life-rights basis as opposed to sectional title?

Our concern is that in sectional title retirement villages, the management thereof is left entirely to the residents. This is probably acceptable for the younger retirees, aged in their 50’s and early 60’s, but we know from our own experience and research, that challenges begin to mount as one ages. Even relatively simple things such as property maintenance, start to become a serious challenge. Over and above that, there is the matter of frail care provision and management, which require specialist expertise.

As residents get older, frail care and easy access to a clinic become increasingly important. The management of frail care facilities is closely legislated. The control and dispensation of medication is a very sensitive area and requires professional management.

Over and above medical legislation, one requires expertise in the labour legislation that applies to the clinic and other staff. Although people may still want to be actively involved in the community as they age, do they really want to be involved in interpreting legislation and putting it into practice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year?

Of concern is the fact that we have received many enquiries from people who have bought into self-managed retirement villages and who now face disillusionment. In our view, moving home is difficult enough when you are young. When you are hard pressed to move home again, at an age when it is physically and emotionally challenging (think of relocation stress), it becomes even more difficult.

When a resident moves into a Trans-50 village, he/she is entering into a long-term relationship with Trans-50, during which we provide ongoing support and a wide range of services. This enables our residents to live their lives to the maximum.

What level of service can I expect to receive in a Trans-50 village?

It is our stated aim to provide our residents with the highest standard of service, in all facets of their lives. Delivery of a world-class and empathetic service is not a hit and miss event, but the result of research, commitment and planned, on-going development. At Trans-50, we continually invest in our ability to provide a world-class service.

In what ways does Trans-50 help its residents to live their lives to the fullest?
  • By being free of safety and security concerns at home, as all our villages are fully enclosed and our fully trained security guards are on duty, 24 hours a day.
  • By being relieved of the burden of property and garden maintenance, as all our villages have a competent and suitably qualified property maintenance manager and maintenance assistants. Their sole responsibility is the planned and on-going maintenance of the property, including the painting of all external surfaces, tiling, plastering, maintenance of pathways, replacement of light bulbs and so forth.
  • By being exposed to opportunities to try new ventures and skills. It is our passionate belief that each and every one of us has hidden talents. We trust that, in being exposed to a new environment with new opportunities, this will encourage the development of such talents.

We have already seen residents design and build water features and cactus gardens, take up water-colour or oil painting, learn to embroider, and much more. Among our Alzheimer residents, we have seen people write simple letters for the first time in 15 years as well as draw and paint for the first time in their lives.

Will your facilities provide a safe and secure environment without compromising my privacy?

All our villages are patrolled by security guards, who also guard the entrance gates. At most of our villages, residents have their own remote controls to enable them to leave and enter the village whenever they choose.

Will I be able to exercise my own rights and choices and maintain my independence? How free will I be?

We are the only organisation in our industry to have carried out countrywide market research into the needs and wants of our older citizens. This research has confirmed our view that both independence and the right to freedom of choice in all matters, are critically important. We therefore actively encourage our residents to maintain their independence throughout their life.

Residents are free to become members of any of the Committees that exist at their village, if they so choose. They are free to come and go as they choose. They are free to enjoy their meals with us if they choose. They are free to continue to work. They are free to participate in any of the activities or excursions that are offered.

Are Trans-50 employees fully qualified and professionally trained?

Yes. You are free to ask for proof of qualifications and also to examine our R 400 000 per annum training budget, aimed at continuously uplifting the skills, knowledge and attitude of our employees. You are welcome to view the performance management documentation relating to each job function in our organisation.

Are the facilities more than simply buildings? What about servicing, management and maintenance of the buildings and facilities?

Yes, the facilities are more than just buildings. Trans-50 retains full responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and management of all communal buildings and gardens, and for the exterior of residents’ homes.

Do you provide cleaning services?

Residents may request Trans-50 to provide them with a cleaning service at an additional charge, or may employ their own domestic helper.

What am I allowed to do to the interior of my home? Am I allowed to make structural changes, or only decorative changes?

Residents may make decorative changes to the interior of their homes, but not structural changes. Before you move into your new home, it is always re-painted, throughout.

What recourse do I have if I am unhappy about something?

The Trans-50 corporate culture is one that encourages open and ongoing communication at all our villages. Should a resident be unhappy about something, he / she may discuss it with the village manager or drop a note in the ‘Suggestion box’, write to or call head office, or write a letter to the Ombudsman. We will do our utmost to resolve the issue as quickly and satisfactorily as possible.